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The Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) is a crucial agreement signed between the United States and other countries around the world. This agreement allows for the temporary entry of U.S. military personnel into the host country for training, joint exercises, and other activities. The VFA also specifies the legal status of U.S. personnel and governs the handling of any offenses they may commit while in the host country.

The first VFA was established between the United States and the Philippines in 1998, followed by agreements with other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Australia, and Thailand. These agreements have been the subject of great controversy, with opponents claiming that they infringe on the sovereignty of the host country and give U.S. personnel special treatment.

In 2020, the Philippines announced its decision to terminate the VFA with the United States, citing the need to strengthen its own defense capabilities and pursue an independent foreign policy. However, in November of that year, the two countries agreed to reinstate the VFA, citing the importance of their mutual defense cooperation.

Other countries have also questioned their VFA agreements with the United States. In South Korea, for example, there have been calls to revise or terminate the agreement in response to concerns over the behavior of U.S. military personnel and their impact on local communities.

Overall, the signing of the VFA is a significant step in maintaining strong military partnerships between the United States and its allies around the world. As such, it is important that these agreements are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect changing geopolitical realities and ensure that they serve the best interests of all parties involved.