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A partnership agreement is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of a business partnership. It is essential to have a well-drafted partnership agreement as it helps to avoid potential disputes and misunderstandings between partners. If you are planning to start a business partnership in Bangladesh, it is vital to have a partnership agreement template Bangladesh that complies with the country`s laws.

The partnership agreement template Bangladesh should consist of the following essential elements:

1. Partnership Name and Purpose

The partnership agreement must indicate the name of the partnership and the purpose for which it is being formed. The purpose should be specific, and it should include the type of business activities to be carried out by the partnership.

2. Contributions

The partnership agreement should clearly state the contributions that each partner will make to the partnership, such as capital, personal property, services, or expertise.

3. Profit and Loss Sharing

The agreement should specify the percentage of profits and losses that each partner will share. It is essential to describe the method used to calculate profits and losses, such as the use of a balance sheet or income statement.

4. Management and Decision-making Authority

The partnership agreement must indicate the responsibilities of each partner, including who will manage the day-to-day operations of the business. It should detail the decision-making authority and describe how decisions will be made.

5. Termination and Dissolution

The agreement must specify the circumstances in which the partnership can be terminated and dissolved. It should outline the process for winding up the business and distributing assets and liabilities.

6. Dispute Resolution

The partnership agreement should specify the process for resolving disputes between partners. It is essential to describe the steps to be taken to resolve disputes and whether mediation or arbitration will be used.

In conclusion, a partnership agreement template Bangladesh is a crucial document that helps partners to protect their interests and avoid potential disputes. It is essential to consult with a business lawyer to draft a partnership agreement that complies with the laws of Bangladesh and meets the specific needs of the partnership. A well-drafted partnership agreement can help the partners to operate their business effectively and efficiently while minimizing legal risks.